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  1. bringing

    • bring的動詞現在分詞、動名詞
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    • bring to fruition + 受詞

      ...英語的習慣(end-weight principle),這樣句序較自然。 這裡的bringbring A to B的關係:把A帶到B...47:21 補充: We are working hard to bring to fruition all of the ideas. = We are...


      1.bring newborn babies to a familyㄉ中文意思?? 還有是什麼意思??bring newborn babies to a family 把嬰兒帶入一個...

    • take and bring

      Bring and take are both used to talk about carrying something or ...towards the speaker and take is used to suggest movement away from the speaker. Bring your calculator to every lesson... Anna took the book to school with...