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  1. brisk

    • IPA[brɪsk]



    • adj.
    • 比較級:brisker 最高級:briskest

    • 釋義
    • 同反義


    • 1. 輕快的 to go for a brisk walk 去快步走
    • 2. 幹練的
    • 3. 興隆的 brisk trading on the stock exchange 股票交易所活躍的交投
    • 4. 乾冷的; 清新的 a brisk March morning 一個空氣清冷的三月早晨
    • 5. 唐突的


    1. active and energetic

    2. showing a wish to deal with things quickly; slightly brusque

    3. (of wind or the weather) cold but pleasantly invigorating


    「1. active and energetic」的反義字

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      ... something energetic. 所以造成這兩個狀況的原因是不相同的。 A brisk activity or action is done quickly and in an energetic way. Taking...

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      ...unbearable and reluctant. 至於 executive function 可解釋為 "執行者的功能." Brisk walking and other aerobic workouts have yielded improvements...

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      ...粉筆和起司一樣不同 (2樣根本是無關的) 2009-08-26 22:16:05 補充: 你確定是as brisk as bee 了嗎? 那意思是: 跟一隻快又有活力的蜜蜂一樣狡節