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    • 請問一個英文句子

      這個句子的live應該是副詞,因為這句是被動式句子,broadcastbroadcast的過去分詞。 live當形容詞例句*1 0&dict=A broadcast的過去式與過去分詞可參考例句1來源網址 live形容詞...

    • 英文話劇(急二十點)

      ... do you do, I am a reporter of broadcasting station, are you used and usually ... then suggest the friend listens to more broadcasting stations a person?   C : Know...

    • Nokia 5610的特色(中→英)

      ..., to left slides cuts the broadcast to lie between the surface 2. provides the ...the stereo sound loudspeaker, the A2DP blue tooth wireless broadcast, the sound undergoes its boundary video and music...