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  1. brown

    • IPA[braʊn]


    • adj.
      of a colour produced by mixing red, yellow, and blue, as of dark wood or rich soil;(of bread) light brown in colour and typically made with unbleached or unrefined wholemeal flour
    • n.
      brown colour or pigment;brown clothes or material
    • v.
      make or become brown, typically by cooking
    • noun: brown, plural noun: browns

    • 釋義
    • 片語



    • 1. brown colour or pigment the brown of his eyes a pair of boots in brown
    • brown clothes or material a woman all in brown
    • 2. a brown thing, in particular the brown ball in snooker.
    • 3. a satyrid butterfly, which typically has brown wings with small eyespots.
    • 4. South African another term for coloured


    • 1. make or become brown, typically by cooking a skillet in which food has been browned grill the pizza until the cheese has browned