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  1. brown sauce


    • n.
      a savoury sauce made with fat and flour cooked to a brown colour.;a commercially prepared relish containing vinegar and spices.
    • noun: brown sauce

  2. 知識+

    • 外國人看的懂的小吃英文請幫我翻

      ...飯 mulled rice 紅燒肉飯 meat with brown sauce rice 魚鬆肉燥飯mulled rice with ...炸豆腐 fried tofu 紅燒肉 meat braise with brown 蒜泥三層肉 boiled pork with garlic sauce 滷豆干海帶 spiced 燙青菜 parboil...

    • 可以幫我看英文菜單這樣可以嗎?

      ...roast spareribs and sauce [OK] 紅燒獅子頭飯Stewed pork ball in brown sauce [OK] 紅燒豬腳飯Braise the pig's trotter in soy sauce [OK...

    • 急需下列餐飲英文的翻譯

      ...組;---------------Content D . 紅燒肉塊 -----------Stew meat with brown sauce 白果炒蝦仁----------Stir-fried gingko nut with shrimp 雞肉炒筍絲...