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  1. build sth. up

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    • 1. 逐步獲得(或發展、增加、增強)某事物 build up a big library, a fine reputation, a thriving business 逐步建起一座大圖書館、逐步贏得好的聲譽、逐步建立起興旺發達的事業 build up one's strength after an illness 病後逐漸增強體力
    • 2. (尤用於被動語態)建築物遍布(某地區) The village has been built up since I lived here. 我在這裡住過, 從那時起, 這個村子已經蓋滿了房子。
    • 3. 增進, 加強 We first have to build up our reserves of manpower. 我們首先應加強儲備人力。 He tried to build up his strength. 他試圖增進體質。
    • 4. 變得更大、更多或更強 He has built up a good business over the years. 幾年來他生意做得很興旺。 Traffic is building up on roads into the city. 來往的車輛在通往市區的道路上越聚越多。





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