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  1. build up

    • vi.
    • vt.
      積聚; 集結;鼓舞; 增強; 提高; 使…更強烈
    • 釋義


    • 1. 逐漸增加 the traffic is building up on roads into the city 通往市區公路上的車輛越來越多
    • 2. 加強 tension built up as the crisis approached 隨著危機的臨近,氣氛變得越來越緊張


    • 1. 積聚; 集結
    • 2. 鼓舞; 增強; 提高; 使…更強烈
    • 3. 樹立; 逐步建立 a relationship of trust needs to be built up between the police and the public 警民之間需要建立起互信關係
    • 4. 在…上造滿房子
    • 5. 吹捧 to build sth./sb. up as sth. or to be sth. 把某事物/某人吹噓為某事物
    • 6. 增強 to build oneself up 增強體質 regular exercise will build up your muscles 經常鍛煉可以使肌肉變得強壯