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    build up speed

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    • 句子內容翻譯出來怪怪的 20 km/h 如果你是個好駕駛,超速個每小時20哩是可以的 Exceed the speed limit in build-up areas (more than 10 km/h) 在群居地區超速 (超過每小時10哩) Exceed...

    • 英文高手(急)二十點

      押運 你要看每句話的字尾的單子 例如 S under the holsteins' steaming noses. They sway on their hooves and swat dangerous tails, but he is thinking of snow, how it blows across the gray pond...

    • 請教:幫忙翻譯以下的內容嗎?中翻英~謝謝

      ...and the experiment operation, The purpose is building up the rough degree of the relevant surface of estimate and slice...turn in the different heart stalk soon and enter to the speed under, gain the rough degree of the surface, in order to...