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    • C建築物,房屋;U建築
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    • 關於英文be built using的文法問題。?

      ... three expressions: (1) be "built" of something: (= to be made using particular... you want to mean "iron" as a kind of building materials, (in fact, it is) the ...

    • well built

      ...三種型態, 最後一種除了過去分詞之外, 也可以當成是形容詞在用. 而此時well-built要看成是一個字, 製造的很好. 舉個例: This car is built...

    • 文法解析~built … deserted

      The house (which was) built 5o years ago 主詞 seems deserted. 那間50年以前所蓋...