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    • 英文翻譯成中文

      ...overhead, such as costs for leasing a classroom/building 設施和開辦所需, 如租用大樓或教室成本 7.Outside services provided by outside consultants. 對外服務由編制外的顧問負責

    • 請幫幫英翻中....(20)

      ...的改變是需要被領導(打動)的. The company hired a systems consultant to orchestrate the change dynamics and plan, mentor the process, teach Systems thinking and build leadership skills. 公司雇用了一個組織顧問來整合機能的改變以及方案...

    • 請問consumers’ lifestyle(S) ??

      ...應該已經包括“鏈”的觀念了。 如果您的老闆負擔得起我的費用,我可以做他的consultant project。如果負擔不起,他可以試試公主小姐。