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  1. built-in

    • IPA[bɪltˈɪn]


    • adj.
      forming an integral part of a structure;(of a characteristic) inherent; innate
    • 釋義


  2. 知識+

    • 這句什麼意思 to build in extra......

      build in 規劃.計劃 builds in that extry day 抽(撥)出額外的一天 It's rare to fund a woman who has a family who builds in that extra day to see where you are. 現在很難找到一位有家庭的女人.特地...

    • built-in jack 的意思是?

      Dude, did you know I can get a built-in jack for my iPod. 老兄, 你知不知道我可為我的iPod設置一個...

    • 請問Built in robes的意思?

      built in robes 是指固定式的櫃子(通常釘在牆上且不佔空間) robe 是wardrobe 之簡稱