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    • 1. 電腦布告欄;告示板 The cast and crew of this new play has been posted on the bulletin board. 這部劇的演員及工作人員名單已在告示板上揭露。 Bulletin board enables users to send or read messages of general interest. 電腦布告欄使得用者能夠傳送,閱讀大家都感興趣的訊息。
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    • 3種討論版有什麼差別

      1. Discussion List = 討論區 Bulletin Board = 佈告欄 Forum 也是討論區,目前稱呼上 forum 比 Discussion...

    • 急!幫我將以下句子翻譯成英文 ~20點!

      1公告 bulletin - bulletin board=告示板或公告欄 例: Something new is on the bulletin board. 公告欄...

    • 公布欄的英文

      公布欄: Bulletin Board 2010-02-09 14:40:12 補充: A bulletin board is a board which is usually attached to a wall in order to display notices giving information about something.