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  1. bully tree


    • ph.
      = balata
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    • 求下列幾句英翻中及文法是否正確

      ... morning, Jacky bumped into the big tree. That causes his leg painful. 3...發生過了)不知道該怎麼做,他轉而向他的老師求助。 4. Bullied by the classmates on campus, he was in a...

    • 一句英文文法的問題請教:為何不用to apples this year.(限定性質的修飾語,先行詞是tree) 2011-06-08 12:31:59 補充: I have a meal to hear that. You are brave to stand up to that bully. Bad habits are hard to get rid of...

    • 急!!幫我翻譯~~ 20點

      ... indignantly that these evil Japanese only bully we Chinese all day. Let me give ... head, and then see Liao laughing on the tree. The policeman rushes to catch Liao...