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  1. burn

    • IPA[bɜːn]



    • vt.
    • vi.
    • n.
      燒傷; 燙傷; 晒傷;燃料消耗
    • 過去式:burned 過去分詞:burned 現在分詞:burning

    • 釋義
    • 同反義
    • 片語


    • 1. 燒燬 to burn sth. to ashes/to a cinder or crisp 把某物燒成灰/燒焦 to burn sb. alive 把某人活活燒死
    • 2. the system burns too much oil 這個系統太費油
    • 3. 燒壞; 燒出; 燒傷; 燙傷 he burned his mouth on the hot soup 他喝熱湯燙傷了嘴 their skin was burnt by the sun 他們的皮膚被陽光灼傷了
    • 4. 燒糊; 烤焦
    • 5. 刻錄


    • 1. 燒燬 their house burnt to the ground 他們的房子被大火夷為平地 to fiddle while Rome burns 大難臨頭仍歌舞升平
    • 2. 燃燒 coal burns well in this stove 這爐子燒煤很好 the fire burned (down) low 火勢減弱了
    • 3. 發光 a light was burning in the hall 大廳裡亮著一盞燈
    • 4. 燒糊
    • 5. 火辣辣地痛
    • 6. 晒傷
    • 7. 渴望 to burn with desire (for sb./sth.) 渴望(得到某人/某事物) to burn with impatience 急不可待
    • 8. 腐蝕


    • 1. 燒傷; 燙傷; 晒傷 severe/superficial/slight burns 嚴重/表面/輕微燒傷 cigarette burns 煙頭燙傷
    • 2. 燃料消耗


    1. (of a fire) flame or glow while consuming a material such as coal or wood

    2. be or cause to be destroyed by fire

    3. be or cause to be damaged, injured, or spoiled by heat or fire

    4. feel hot or sore, typically as a result of illness or injury

    5. be entirely possessed by (a desire or an emotion)