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  1. burn itself out

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    • 1. (指火)因燃料用盡而熄滅 The fire had burnt (itself) out before the fire brigade arrived. 在消防隊趕到以前, 火已(自行)熄滅。
    • 2. (指火箭)燃料用盡
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    • 判別時態,尋求高手

      ...: [Does the sun keep] burning forever, or [does it eventually burn] itself out B: It [eventually burn] itself out, but that [does not happen...

    • 英文片語填空解答..幫幫忙

      burned off,threw away,loaded the bag with,come close to,lost his father 1.That boy〈〉during... HIS FATHER 那男孩在地震中失去了父親。 2.My mother〈〉.trash and threw it out. LOADED THE BAG WITH 媽媽把垃圾裝進袋子裡丟掉。 3.After Betty ...

    • OneRepublic - Love Runs Out 翻譯

      ...light, your match, your burning sun, /我會成為 你的光芒 一盞...039;Cause we'll work it out, yeah we'll work it out. /我們...out, 'til the love runs out. /愛猛烈的燒 愛到竭盡為止 2015...