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  1. burn oneself out

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    • 1. 筋疲力盡或損害了自己的健康(尤指因勞累過度) If he doesn't stop working so hard, he'll burn himself out. 他繼續這樣拚命地工作, 就會累垮的。
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    • 英文高手..有些單字可以請教嗎= =|||拜託

      ...a liniment that burns when first applied 第一次塗抹時會發熱...8 a. 擦痛; 燻痛 eyes burning from the smoke 被濃煙燻痛的雙眼...太空』(火箭) 發射 7 詐欺; 騙術 burn out 1 燒完; 燃盡 2 燒斷; 燒壞...

    • 音樂 有倒數

      ...4, 3, 2, 1 by Thursday 5-4-3-2-1 Let's start a fire. Burn this town from inside out. Till no one's left alive. And you can’t feel the rhythm of your steps...

    • John Farnham Burn for you 歌詞翻譯

      ... me is not the one I know 你對我說的話語聲...熟悉的I must be strung out on what I do 我一定是做得太過 我已經束手無措But I burn for you 而我為你癡狂 What...