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  1. burn something off

    • ph.
      remove a substance using heat
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    • ph.
      remove (a substance) using a flame

    Oxford American Dictionary

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      ...可惡的小丑妖怪。 You won't really burn, though; ripped to shreads is...更準確。 You aren't special. Get off your ass and do something productive for society or get the * * * * * out of it...

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      ...incidentally 順便說 out = cry out 大聲喊叫求救 something off = cancel 取消某事;終止 21.carry on with something = continuce 繼續做某事 22.catch fire = begin to burn 著火;燃燒 23. catch cold = become ill with a cold 感冒 24.change one's...

    • About Power Electronics'. The reason that the heater has to be turned off 7 min after 5 min 'turn on', is to cooling down the hearter... the duty-cycle, otherwise the heater will be over-heated and burned.