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  1. burn something out

    • ph.
      completely destroy a building or vehicle by fire, so that only a shell remains
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    • 幫忙我把英文單字翻成中文

      ...流行開來。 5.a dry run---彩排。 6. trobleshoot something---調解。 7.get the bugs out---驅蟲。 8.plug and play---隨插即用...俗語』機警的; 足智多謀的。 burned out ---我查不到 "be" burned...

    • 請幫我翻譯這段文章 謝謝!!!

      ...的小丑妖怪。 You won't really burn, though; ripped to shreads ...special. Get off your ass and do something productive for society or get the * * * * * out of it. 你不特別。 下你的驢並且為社會做...

    • 大家說英語

      ...joy喜樂 sunglasses太陽眼鏡 Frisbee飛盤 p38 to burn曬傷 restroom洗手間 p42 deposit押金;保證金 lately最近 p43...偏離正題;分心 p50 satisfied感到滿意的 to check[something]out去查看某事(物) to cover討論;涵蓋 to continue繼續 p55...