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  1. burst out

    • ph.
      突然激動地說; 叫嚷;(與-ing連用)突然開始(做某事)
    • 釋義


    • 1. 突然激動地說; 叫嚷 I hate you! she burst out. “我討厭你!”她叫嚷道。
    • 2. (與-ing連用)突然開始(做某事) burst out crying/laughing/singing 突然哭起來笑起來/唱起來.
    • 3. 突然...起來 They burst out laughing. 他們突然大笑起來。
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      ...字/一句話。 這段的話的英文要怎麼翻呀? 可以用"burst out"嗎? "He suddenly burst out the word 答...不加思考的突然說出) ex. He blurted everything out about the baby, though we'd agreed to keep it...

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      ... burst into tears the moment she got the sad news. =She burst out crying on hearing the news of his death. She burst into...

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      ...occur suddenly". Additionally, the commom phrases ,such as " burst out crying or burst out laughing " and " burst into tears...