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  1. bus shelter


    • n.
      a roofed structure for people to wait under at a bus stop.
    • noun: bus shelter, plural noun: bus shelters

  2. 知識+

    • 請英文高手幫忙翻感激不盡!!

      Completed in 2007, the bus shelter is a prototype design . that has ...接收得到 友邦保險全國小專案結構獎。 The bus shelter is a simple yet refined architectural composition...

    • 幾題英文問題~ 煩請英文達人幫忙~

      1~ The worker (looked ) across the flooded street towards the bus shelter. 2~ Dr. Smithers ( saw) a small blemish on the patient's eyelid...

    • 翻譯two seeking shelter.......

      我想翻譯後應該是這樣吧(小弟不才,請多包涵) 兩個需要庇護的人到了庇護所裡: 庇護所裡有足夠的房間給他們,然而卻有一人被請離開。 兩個飢餓的人都有能力付錢吃飯: 其中一人吃到了食物,但是另一人只能轉身離開。 兩個坐在往市區巴士上的人: 只有一人能夠坐在公車座位上。