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  1. business as usual

    • ph.
      (警語)(儘管有困難或干擾)照經常營業, 一切如經常
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    • Business as usual vision的翻譯

      vision 在這裏是:遠見 business as usual 是常用說法:照常營業 合起來當作形容詞, 整個片語:照常營業的遠見(正確...

    • 請問 with business

      ---Business as usual=a way of saying that things will continue as normal despite a difficult situation in Washington. ---"with" is a preposition.

    • 下雨天照常營業的英文 2015-04-12 19:50:41 補充: 標誌用  "Business as usual on rainy days" 比較合適。 因為 "on rainy days" 就是...