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  1. businesses

    • business的名詞複數
    • 相關詞
    • n.
      職業;日常工作 He tries not to let his business interfere his home life. 他盡量不讓日常工作妨礙他的家庭生活。
    • n.
      商業 to go into business (for oneself), to set up in business (for oneself) (獨立)開業 to set up in business as sb. 開業擔當某角色
    • 事務,貿易,商業,企業,經營


    • ph.
      出差, 辦事 He informed his staff that he was going to Europe on business. 他通知了全體工作人員他要去歐洲出差。
    • ph.
      當真 I could see by the gun in his hand that the robber meant business. 從他手裡的槍我知道這個搶劫者不是在開玩笑。 He means business: he really will shoot us if we try to escape. 他不是說著玩的; 我們要是逃, 他真會開槍。
    • ph.
      【口】非法(或可疑、不認可)的事物 I want none of your funny business. 我可不幹那種非法的事。
    • ph.
      胡鬧 His wife could do nothing about his monkey business at the pub. 他的太太對於他在俱樂部胡鬧束手無策。
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