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    busy oneself with

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    • 請問 what are you busy for? 文法錯哪

      ... are you busy with? 另外, busy 除了當形容詞以外, 也可以當動詞 busy +oneself + (with/at/about/in) 希望可以幫助你 :))) 2012-12-22 11:36:50 補充: 忘了給你個...

    • Busy是什麼詞性?

      ...俚】 偵探 ▲ top vt. ( 及物動詞 transitive verb ) 1. 使忙於 《例句》 busy oneself [one's hands] with [in, at, about]...=busy oneself (in) doing 忙著做(某事).

    • 幫忙分析一下英文句子(has been及was)

      1:Today I has been busying with one thing or another. 2:Today I ...現在還住在那) 可改成I've been busy with something for all day. 第二句沒有錯 中文"...