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    • 1. 很遺憾地 It was but too true. 很遺憾, 那是真實的。



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    • [英文]省略了哪些字??

      首先, 全文沒有省略了什麼字. "but so too do aflluent..." 是倒裝用法. 主詞在於 "affluent...句簡單的例句來說好了: "I know it well, but so too do you." 這句話的意思是, "I know it...

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      ... neighbour's garden and eat his vegetables, but too small for his to get into mine and eat mine.' 中文翻譯...

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      ...on people with full-time jobs who earn too much to quality for government assistance but too little to obtain conventional mortgage,at least not in the cities or ...