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    • 請問這是英文俚語嗎?

      ... pencil girl 意思是: 女孩,妳太瘦了! 典故: I have seen more meat on a butchers pencil” means: “The person being spoken about...

    • 英文所有格後面名詞省略

      ...39;s. Could you pick up some chops from teh butcher's? 2. 著名的名字常省略最後的名詞: She's... Hotel We're going to see "Hamlet" at the Mermaid. the ...

    • 急急急翻譯這篇英文文章!!!

      ...a village.He stole a piece of meat from a butchers shop and ran of with it.He wanted to... crossing the bridge,he looked down and saw his own shadow in the water.He thought...