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  1. by

    • IPA[bʌɪ]


    • prep.
      identifying the agent performing an action.;after a passive verb
    • adv.
      so as to go past
    • n.
      variant spelling of bye
    • 釋義
    • 片語
    • prep.
    • 1. identifying the agent performing an action.
    • 2. after a passive verb:

      the door was opened by my cousin Annie

      damage caused by fire

    • 3. after a noun denoting an action:

      a clear decision by the electorate

      years of hard fund-raising work by local people

    • 4. identifying the author of a text, idea, or work of art:

      a book by Ernest Hemingway

    • 5. indicating the means of achieving something:

      malaria can be controlled by attacking the parasite

      they substantiate their opinions by the use of precise textual reference

    • 6. indicating a term to which an interpretation is to be assigned:

      what is meant by ‘fair’?

    • 7. indicating a name according to which a person is known:

      she mostly calls me by my last name

    • 8. indicating the means of transport selected for a journey:

      the cost of travelling by bus

      I travelled to Folkestone by rail

    • 9. indicating the other parent of someone's child or children:

      Richard is his son by his third wife

    • 10. indicating the sire of a pedigree animal, especially a horse:

      a black filly by Goldfuerst

    • 11. (followed by a noun without a determiner) in various phrases indicating how something happens:

      I heard by chance that she has married again

      Anderson, by contrast, rejects this view

    • 12. indicating the amount or size of a margin:

      the shot missed her by miles

      the raising of VAT by 2.5%

    • 13. indicating a quantity or amount:

      billing is by the minute

      the drunken yobbos who turned up by the cartload

    • 14. in phrases indicating something happening repeatedly or progressively, typically with repetition of a unit of time:

      colours changing minute by minute

      the risk becomes worse by the day

    • 15. identifying a parameter:

      a breakdown of employment figures by age and occupation

    • 16. expressing multiplication, especially in dimensions:

      a map measuring 400 by 600 mm

      she multiplied it by 89

    • 17. indicating a deadline or the end of a particular time period:

      I've got to do this report by Monday

      by now Kelly needed extensive physiotherapy

    • 18. indicating location of a physical object beside a place or object:

      remains were discovered by the roadside

      the pram was by the dresser

    • 19. past and beyond:

      I drove by our house

    • 20. indicating the period in which something happens:

      this animal always hunts by night

    • 21. concerning; according to:

      anything you do is all right by me

      she had done her duty by him

    • 22. used in mild oaths:

      it was the least he could do, by God

      I swear by Almighty God

    • adv.
    • 1. so as to go past:

      a car flashed by on the other side of the road

      he let only a moment go by

    • n.
    • 1. variant spelling of bye
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