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  1. by

    • IPA[baɪ]



    • prep.
    • adv.
    • adv
      不久; 終於;大體上
    • 釋義
    • 同反義


    • 1. a building destroyed by fire 燒燬的大樓 I was startled by her reaction 她的反應令我大吃一驚
    • 2. 由…創作 a novel by Virginia Woolf 弗吉尼婭·伍爾夫寫的一部小說 who's it by? 這是誰創作的?
    • 3. you can reach me by phone 你可以打電話找我 to pay by cheque 用支票付賬
    • 4. 經由 we entered by the back door 我們從後門進入 we'll get there quicker if we go by Birmingham 如果從伯明翰走的話,我們會更快到達那裡
    • 5. 在…旁邊 by the bed/the window 在床邊/窗邊 come and sit by me 過來坐在我邊上
    • 6. 經過 she walked by me 她從我身邊走過 a car sped by our house 一輛汽車從我們家前面飛馳而過
    • 7. 在…之前 it must be done by next Thursday 這件事必須在下週四前完成 they should have been here by now 他們現在本應該到這兒了
    • 8. 在…期間 to travel by day 白天旅行 by day as well as by night 日以繼夜
    • 9. prices have risen by 20% 價格上升了20% he's taller than me by two centimetres 他比我高兩釐米
    • 10. 10 multiplied by 5 is 50 10乘以5等於50
    • 11. to pay by the hour 按小時付酬 to sell sth. by the dozen/the kilo 按打/按公斤出售某物
    • 12. 接著 day by day 日復一日地 one by one 一個接著一個地
    • 13. 由…所生 he has two children by his first wife 他和第一任妻子有兩個孩子
    • 14. 由於 by accident/mistake 偶然地/無意地 by candlelight/moonlight 藉著燭光/月光
    • 15. 根據 by the rules/by law 依據規則/法律 what time is it by your watch? 你的表現在幾點了?
    • 16. 關於 she had done her duty by him 她對他已經盡到責任了 by birth/nature 生來/天生地
    • 17. north by north west 西北偏北
    • 18. 以…的名義 I swear by Almighty God 我以全能上帝之名發誓


    • 1. 經過 the car roared by 汽車呼嘯而過 she walked on by without stopping 她走過去,沒有停留
    • 2. 在附近 he lives close by 他就住在附近
    • 3. 保留著 I have some money by 我存了些錢
    • 4. 短暫來訪 did you have anyone by tonight? 今晚有人來過你家嗎?


    • 1. 不久; 終於 by and by she met an old man with a beard 不久她見到了一位留鬍子的老人
    • 2. 大體上 by and large, I enjoyed my time at school 總體而言,我上學時很愉快
    • 3. 獨自地 she was sitting by herself 她一個人坐著 he did it all by himself 他全憑自己完成了這事
    • 4. 順便 where's John, by the by? 順便問一下,約翰在哪兒?
    • 5. 無關緊要 but that's by the by 但那無關緊要