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    • (20點)英文翻譯,有關"計概"的英文。

      ... the person’s “mailbox”  用戶名是人的"郵箱"hostname is the name of the host computer and is followed by one or more domains separated by periods:  是主機的名字...

    • 急~~有關聖經和上帝

      ...people seem to make an issue of the pronunciation or the use of the name God and also of the name Jesus... instanced in the practice of referring to the deity by the symbolism of a bull. The clear indication...

    • 誠徵高手幫我翻譯 翻譯要順暢別使用翻譯軟體唷感謝

      ...被稱為階級鬥爭的訴訟. A derivative lawsuit is a lawsuit brought by one or more shareholders in the name of the corporation. Any damages recovered go directly to the corporation...