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    by a long way

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    • ph. 遠不是,遠沒有,完全不

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    • 請問「by a long chalk」是什麼意思? all = 絕不;一點也不 通常是口語用法 如果只是 by a long chalk 英文定義:by a long way; by many degrees 很;非常 英語片語 not by a long chalk 討論簡單節錄...

    • 可以幫我看我寫的英文答案對嗎?

      ...rsquo;t 87.I had to drive __D__ to Chicago. a long way B.on the way out way of D.all the way 88.Mark...

    • 請問??((英文))

      ...等)用很長的時間、經花、經用   She makes a little money go a long way ,ie buys many things by careful spending.   她用很少的錢能買很多東西。   A little of...