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  1. by accident


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    • 1. 偶然地;意外地;碰巧 He met Tom by accident. 他偶然遇到湯姆。


    「ad. 偶然地;意外地」的反義字

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    • by and large 或 by accident

      Not to choose "by accident" is easier to explain, so let me start with it: "by accident...about a general situation: having exceptions, but still can conclude! "by and large" means "all thing considered", "generally...

    • 英文單字造句

      ...複製電子辭典的句子,但請註明資料來源,以尊重智慧財產權。謝謝!1.      by accident解釋:偶然地;意外地;碰巧例句:I saw Peter quie by accident...

    • We can bear the harms others

      ...rewrite this sentence as: We can bear the harms that others make by accident. then it would be much clearer. The main verb is "bear"...