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  1. by and large


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    • 1. 總的說來 By and large, your idea is a good one. 總的說來你的看法不錯。
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    • by and large vs. at large

      ...question you need to know where these phrases came from: "by and large" is mariner lingo, where "large" refers to...why in the sentence you have, it is better to choose "by and large".

    • by and largeby accident

      ...about a general situation: having exceptions, but still can conclude! "by and large" means "all thing considered", "generally speaking...

    • by and large 是什麼意思

      by and large是什麼意思順便舉個例句吧by and large 是「一般說來, 大致上」Taking it by and large, it is considered to be a good thing.大致而言, 它被認為是件好事