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  1. by birth


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    • at/by birth 之別?

      ...時間He only weighed 2 kilos at birth.  (他出生時才兩公斤重)by birth 是"天生的"的意思,非強調時間,比較像強調本性He is a...

    • 天生殘缺的[天生]怎麼用?

      ...since birth. (plural noun)people who are unable to hear 注意!! 這邊用since birthby birth. 我在學生時代也背過by birth(天生) 但我幫你查Cambridge, Encarta...

    • 翻譯小小演講稿--中翻英

      ...always consider boys are superior to girls in some aspects by birth before that. Besides, peple still thought conservative in the age...