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    by compulsion

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    • disgorgement是什麼意思?

      ... up something (such as profits illegally obtained) on demand or by legal compulsion". 2008-04-18 14:17:45 補充: 他應該是一種法律上的專有名詞~ 因為能有...

    • 請批改我的英文作文

      ...whenever I get a new magazine, I always look into it by dictionary or Internet. UP to now, I..., these magazines have triggered a compulsion to understand Japan, therefore, during the process of the...

    • 吃軟不吃硬的英文?

      ...can be persuaded by reason but not be cowed by force. 白話翻譯: 一個人可以用理智來說服但不能用勢力...反對脅迫。 Be amenable to friendly persuasion but not to compulsion. 白話翻譯: 服從於友善的勸導但反對脅迫。 其實你可以...