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  1. by courtesy

    • ph.
      as a favour rather than by right
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    • 為什麼圖片提供,英文都用courtesy of?

      ...英文可以這樣用 The pictures have been reproduced by courtesy of the British Museum. 意思是承蒙大英博物館允許,複製了這些...

    • Professional Courtesy

      Professional courtesy is the tradition among physicians not to charge for treatment...term has also been used to describe the practice by law enforcement officers of not reporting each other for...

    • 一些英文句子幫我翻譯一下喔!

      1.來參觀城市的被禮貌為一些欣賞贏得的新市長貧窮 2.機智必須被在請求許可過程中使用; 並且除非它被很樂意給並且真誠,巡邏將不被登陸。 3.我認識到透過中間人與他們交易的荒唐行為。 4.溫暖的討論關於他的成就在每個角落上出現。 5.我們將最高的價值放于我們的與開發中國家...