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    by inference

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    • reasoning與inference??

      ... They were warned to expect a heavy air attack and by inference many casualties. His change of mind was recent and sudden, the inference...

    • Para-Aminobenzoic葉酸(翻譯原文)

      ...含量與動脈硬化具有正向關係(意即膽固醇含量愈高,愈有可能發生動脈硬化)。 By inference,reduction of the serum cholesterol level may inhibit the development of atherosclerosis, and at the...

    • 語言學的reference和inference的不同

      reference: an act by which speakers use (a) word(s) to enable listeners to...跑車啦~",這從"想"到"講"的過程,就是reference inference: the listener's use of additional knowledge to make sense of what is...