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  1. by name

    • ph.
      using the name of someone or something
  2. 知識+

    • refers to self by name

      `refers to self by name′ 用自己的名字來代替`我′. 例如我的名字是 Linda,我告訴... want to go to the park.′ 如果我不用正常語法,而是`refer to self by name′, 我會告訴別人說 `Linda wants to go to the park.′

    • Presented by ”Insert Name

      ...用在本身的時候,必需把自己的名字、公司名稱等,置換進去。Insert name就是叫你把適當名稱置放在這裏的意思。例如﹕ This article is presented by Mike Lin. The following program is ...

    • 1些英文解釋

      by no name 這就是中文中的"佚名"或"無名氏" by my sister 指的是...種意思 在這裡的意思是經由 例如 This novel was written by no name.(這本小說的作者不可考(佚名)) This book was bought by ...