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  1. by night

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    • 1. 在夜間 He used to work in an office by day and drive a taxi by night. 他過去白天在辦公室上班, 晚上開計程車。 The fugitives travelled by night and rested by day. 逃跑者夜行而晝伏。
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    • ”騙人公司” 的中翻英??

      fly-by-night shops 或是 bogus company 不過 "fly-by-night shops" 罵的比較好. (就是 一下子就倒了或是錢拿了就關門的那種騙人公司)

    • by的用法? 我不太會

      ...pretty hungry. 五點半的時候,她覺得肚子很餓。 5.2by day指「白天的時候」,by night指「晚上的時候」: Owls sleep by day and hunt by night. 貓頭鷹白天睡覺...

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      Night In Night by Elie Wiesel, their are several...for Elie. Nobody could not walk away unaffected by the hangings. Every public killing ...