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    by no manner of means

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    • by the toe on the feet的意思

      ... with his excuse - not by any manner of means. 不管是not by the toe of my feet,還是not by... come in. 小豬小豬,快讓我進來。 No, no, I won't let you come in...

    • 英文片語的例句

      .... no means By no means he is gay. the hour I'm paid by the...a word Plug in a word and get a list of potential words that rhyme. 2007-08-29 17...

    • 液毛的英文是什麼?????並造句

      ...because of pretty and to show good manners.現下時髦的女孩們通常都會...that armpit hair is one of the sexy parts of a...bla)(you know what I mean...= =")但是呢 , 有些人... could tell you about it by using my ...