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    by no means of

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    • ”means” 跟 ”way” 用法有何不同?

      ...most assuredly (用盡所有方法) 一定地, 確實地- by means of : through the use of 利用- by no means : in no way; not at all 決不- all the way : to the full or entire extent 盡量; as far...

    • 多個 that 在此句中的文法解釋?

      ...的, 而非形容台灣) 2. (That) Taiwan is by no means inferior to Finland in the advantage of time. 3. (That) Taiwan fails to measure up to ...

    • By no means 的用法?

      ...will take place.Rich as our country is, the qualities of our living are by no means satisfactory. 雖然我們的國家富有,但我們的生活品質絕對令人不滿意