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    • 1. 以數字 She knows all the rooms in the building by number and she will tell you where room 324 is. 她知道這幢大樓裡所有房間的號碼, 她可以告訴你三二四房間在哪裡。
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    • by??by?? large number of ??

      i like keeping a large number of people in the loop by posting a single message 我喜歡藉由發送...people, 意思是一大堆人; 眾多的人 a (large) number of + 可數名詞 a (large) amount of + 不可數名詞...

    • 急*英文翻譯 She had finsihed ...

      She had finsihed a paint-by-number picture. 意思是她已經完成了一幅(數字連連看的圖) 我不太清楚中文怎麼說 a...

    • 下列英文是否可協助翻譯~~萬份感謝

      ...朋友先按照號碼順序拼貼完成後,對照同圖案的範例圖!! Child should abide by the number order to paste it on the board and compare the finished work to the illustration...