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    by one's calculation

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    • 多益題目..不懂

      ...correct, the project (will cost) somewhere (in the region) of $1M 答案: 2 [calculation => calculations or estimations] 4.only by working hard _____ ascend the corporate ladder 不知道 you can you will be able to could...

    • 拜託大大請幫我翻譯(只要翻譯就好,不用計算)

      ... wavelength of a 1.0-mg grain of sand blown by the wind at a speed of 20 m/s. 找出因風吹而有20m/s...wavelength of a 1.00-MeV proton. Is a relativistic calculation needed? 計算1.00-MeV質子之德布洛依波長...

    • 請問關於數的英文寫法 (小數)

      ... multiplied by the base raised by a negative (-) n. For example, in the number... to the left of the separator, so based on calculation it's value is, n - 1 = 2 - 1 = 1 1 101...