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  1. by oneself

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    • By ones and twos

      by ones and twos;副詞:零零散散地、三三兩兩地」,你可以放在句尾、句中...硬性規定。例句:句尾:People began to leave the auditorium by ones and twos. 人們開始三三兩兩地離開大禮堂。句中:They come out by...

    • by oneself vs for oneself

      ...在此不多舉), 故 She went here by herself. 意指:她自己來到這兒的。 二、for含有...for himself. 意指:他做此事是為他自己。 三、oneself(反身代名詞)意指『自己、自身、親自、本人...

    • by oneself 與 for oneself的區分

      I cook dinner for myself. 我煮晚餐給自己吃。---- 基本上你煮的是你一個人要吃的晚餐。 I cook dinner by myself. 我自己獨力煮了晚餐。---- 還是你煮,可是也許不只你一個人吃。 for oneself 為了自己 by oneself 靠自己