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    • 單字文法如何正確使用?

      ...dream become true. 對的句子 However, in a turbulence environment, one's persistence is often affected by matters like fame and fortune. (1)turbulence是名詞,該用turbulent ==>...

    • Post-Earnings-Announcement英文翻譯

      ...surprise in revenues. Consistent with prior evidence about greater persistence of revenues and greater noise caused by heterogeneity of expenses, this study shows that the earnings...

    • [英文] 幫我翻譯一下這段摘要 報告急用

      ...project is to experiment (with) the products of persistence of vision (/visual persistence) we see in our everyday life through two boards. In the process, we set two boards in fast turning motion by motors. We try to make the LED lights turn quickly which...