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    • 1. 作為職業 She is a lawyer by profession. 她的職業是律師。 The author of the guidebook is an architect by profession. 該手冊的作者任職建築師。
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    • toeic英文文法

      1. She is a lawyer by profession ... by profession = 就職業而言(profession 不加冠詞) Harper was a teacher...

    • 高中簡單英文

      ...許多孩童是在問題家庭中被撫養的. 2.Whoever would like to be a teacher by profession needs to take courses on teaching methods. 幫我翻譯...

    • 關於英文的

      ...今天有許多事情要做 profession = 專業(泛指職業) 例:He is a lawyer by profession. 他的職業是律師. occupation = 職業 例:He is a farmer by occupation...