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  1. by reason of

    • ph.
      because of
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    • as a result of 的用法&意思是。。?

      as a result of由於 = as the result of; because of; by reason of; by virtue of; in virtue of; due to; in consequence of; on...句子其他成分分開, 可放在句首, 句中或句尾。 on account of 可作修飾語和主詞補語, 作修飾語時修飾全句。 ...

    • 反傾銷調查的翻譯

      ... or should have known that there was likely to be material injury by reason of unfair traded sales during the critical circumstances period...

    • 中翻英~!!!急!!急!!急!! 中文翻成英文

      ... travel agency, a crowd of business centers of figure work partner, by reason of was zealous and the rich knowledge to the tourism, wholeheartedly provided for...