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  1. by request

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      應要求, 應...所求
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    • 1. 應要求, 應...所求 The band are playing this song by request of the Queen. 樂隊應女王的要求演奏這首歌。 Miss Day will sing by request. 戴小姐將應大眾要求而唱歌。
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    • 關於Speech Act 的 request 報告

      ....pdf 2014-10-30 07:40:40 補充: And then get to know those requests by reading

    • 請問英文選擇題一題

      ...按照經理的請求到了那裡) The writer's name was withheld by request. (按照作者的要求,姓名不予公佈) Catalogues are available on request...

    • overwhelm的英文造句

      ...guilt. 罪惡感讓她難過得不能自已。 We were overwhelmed by requests for information. 過多的資訊索取讓我們窮於應付。 2012-02-19 01:12:21 補充: jim...