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  1. by rule

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    • 1. 依照規定 He does everything by rule. 他事事墨守成規。
    • 2. 墨守成規地 He does everything by rule. 他事事都墨守成規。
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    • [rule by low] & [rule of low]

      ...的英文錯誤太多了,導致我都不清楚你的問題究竟問對了沒有?你要問的是“[rule by low] & [rule of low]”還是“[rule by law] & [rule of law]”? 2005-03-06 21...

    • by which要怎麼用?

      ... are also constraints on the rules by which competitive forceswill play out. 黃色區塊是形容詞子句...which competitive forceswill play out. 讓句子中的介係詞 by 能緊接著受詞 which 希望這樣解釋夠清楚

    • 英文動名詞、原形V、By

      *By following* the school rules,you won't be punished. (By...修飾主句的述部,屬副詞性質,表示目的。the school rules是不定詞to follow的受詞。 *To follow* the school...