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  1. by the back door


    • ph.
    • 釋義
    • ph.
    • 1. 走後門;不合法地

      They did it by the back door. 他們靠走後門幹的。

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    • 請幫檢查這三個句子寫得正確嗎^^

      ...他被艾密利使用砒霜毒死。 改為 He was poisoned to death by Emily with arsenic. 3 He appeared at Emily's back door of the kitchen the last times. 他最後一次出現是在艾密利家的廚房後門。 改為...

    • 被打倒的英文法

      ...主動式:: I have been cutting a hard board into 4 pieces in the back yard, while my mom rings door bell by the front door.〈把前後時間點與動作再界定得更清楚〉 被動式:: A hardboard...

    • 英文強的可以幫我一下嗎?? going to do with that stack of books by the door? 在門邊的那堆書你打算要怎麼處理? B:...have to turn in to the library. They're due back today。 那些是我要還回圖書館的。它們今天就到期...