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    by the day

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    • by the day的用法

      by the day也許有別的意義,但以提出版主問題角度來說: by the day, day by day,everyday意思差不多。 用法是可以代換。 例子: He is...

    • sold ”by” the last day

      ... here is "still not". "If it's not sold by the last day..." means, This goods can not be sold out before...

    • "一天一天"的英文

      day by day 是 正確用法。英文沒有 by the day 的片語。 一天一天的感到麻木 I get numb day by day. 強調在進行中... numb day by day 可以,但它是個片語,不是句子。 不要用 Get numb day by day. 這是個句子,祈使句,"你要一天一天麻痺"