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  1. by the dozen

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    • 1. 成打地 The eggs are sold by the dozen. 這些雞蛋論打出售。
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    • cheaper by the dozen原義為何?

      yes! 越多越便宜~ dozen這邊就只是個形容的代表詞了

    • dozen的用法~英文高手請近!!

      ...of 介系詞片語」來修飾,例如:"Complaints came the next morning by the dozens.";"Dozens of people came to see me.";"I have been...

    • 高職英文N題

      ...1)The eggs are sold _by_ the dozen. (a)by (b)in (c)with (d)for 這些蛋是一打一打的賣...的 7.到健身房運動聽來是趣事。_To_ exercise_in_ the gym _that_sounds_ fun. 這句 , 也可以寫成 ...